Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based in the UK and Do you have a furniture showroom?

We are in Glasgow, United Kingdom. If you wish to visit our showroom, for directions please contact us on 0141 – 374 - 2789 or email us at:

How can a product be purchased from AR Furnishings?

 We offer 3 different options to place order for your favourite product.

(a) Order Online
(b) Order in Store
(c) Order over the Phone

We accept almost every method of payment form.

(a) Pay by Credit or Debit Card
(b) Pay by Bank Transfer
(d) Pay a deposit and balance cash on delivery

Is it safe to give my credit/debit details?

At AR Furnishings we take security very seriously and we ensure all credit/debit card details are in safe and secure atmosphere, your transactions are processed via a secure merchant account and once payment is received we provide a receipt for confirmation which can also be sent via email/post to you.

Please explain to me the process after I place my order?

 There are several stages an order goes through while under process and it's our job to keep you notified at each stage. Please find below what happens after an order is placed.

(a) Once you have purchased the furniture you like online or in store, we will send you an email for confirmation of your placed order with the details of product, price you have paid and estimated delivery timescale.

(b) Accounts at AR Furnishings will then verify your payment details and forward your order to our admin department for process. You will be notified when this happens; usually it takes 1 or 2 working days. In case there is any problem with your payment details, we may ask you to provide documents to ensure the safety of the card holder. This does not affect your statutory rights.
(c) Our admin team will then check stock with our warehouse or supplier and allocate the product under your invoice number. In case the item is not available, our admin team will get in touch with you immediately and inform you about the earliest availability of the product.
(d) After your product is allocated, your invoice will be then forwarded to our delivery and dispatch team who will further contact you to book a delivery date and time, if we are unable to get in touch with you we will phone you/leave a voicemail asking you to contact us to book your delivery.

Will I be charged for delivery?

We offer different delivery rates based on buyer location. For local delivery to Bathgate, Blackburn and Armadale £10 delivery. Whitburn, Stoneyburn, Addiewell, West Calder, Linlithgow £15 delivery. Livingstone £20 delivery. Edinburgh and Glasgow £35 delivery. Delivery prices can vary based on size and weight of items being purchased, so these rates are the maximum delivery prices to each of these areas. For smaller items, deliveries may be cheaper. If you are unsure about how much the delivery will be to your area, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

 In some instances, we may offer free delivery depending on product size, availability, and distance.

 I am not happy with my purchase and wish to return the product?

 We operate a no refund policy on all furniture items due to associated returns costs of heavy items, as well as ensuring all our products for sale are brand new. However, if your item(s) arrive damaged or not in the original condition we will accept returns.

If you are not happy with your purchase and wish to return an item you have bought from AR Furnishings, you must email us in writing at informing us about your wish to cancel the order. You do not need to explain the reason why you wish to cancel but if you do so it will help us to improve.

 Please Note: A cancelled item must be returned in its original/appropriate packaging.

 How long will it take for my order to get delivered?

 Delivery time varies from product to product. Please refer to delivery time indicated on every product. If your cart contains products having different delivery time scale, we will consolidate all items for one delivery and the whole order will be delivered in one batch. In such case the product having the longest delivery time scale will be calculated as the delivery time of the whole order. However, if you wish to take in deliveries as and when the items are ready for delivery, you may collect them in-store.

In case you have ordered just one item, then the order will be delivered as specified as on the product.

Some heavier items such as large furniture may take 7 - 10 days for us to place an order with our suppliers and have it sent out for delivery to you.

If the ordered product is out of stock so we will contact, you and will make you aware of delay in delivery time.

Will you call me before you come to deliver my order?

At AR Furnishings we understand what a customer wants and the difficulty they face spending a whole day looking out of the window for the furniture delivery van, to avoid this problem we give you a call on the day of delivery with an estimated time of arrival, as well as updating you a few days prior to ensure that the customer is made aware of their order status.

What happens in case of wrong/damage/incomplete delivery?

At AR Furnishings we make every effort to make sure the products you have ordered are delivered to you as in perfect condition. However sometimes things do go wrong and in such case, we make immediate effort to sort out your problems.

Please find below how we handle your after sales issue if they arise.
(a) Products Delivered Wrong
If you have received a delivery of an item which is not what you have ordered, we request you to please do not accept the delivery and return it back to the driver.
If you have realised that the item is wrong after the driver has left, please do not panic, simply make an effort to call us on 0141 – 374 - 2789. Please tell us your name and the details of the product delivered to you. Once we receive such complaint, we do not waste one minute to resolve the issue. We will quickly try to locate the correct item for you and re arrange the delivery of the correct product. This process may take some time but be assured we will do this as quickly as possible and our customer service team will keep you posted at every stage.

(b) Products Delivered Damaged
The products you order get delivered to you using our own vehicles and drivers and in some cases and there are chances that the product may have transit damage or manufacturing defects. We advise customers to check the item when its delivered to you and if you find any damages or defects please do not accept the delivery and mention the damage on while signing the proof of delivery (POD), if you identify the problem after the driver has left we request you please take images of the damage/defects and email these images to us at Our customer service team will be in touch with you in 1working day to resolve the problem.

(c) Products Delivered Incomplete
Furniture articles come in packed boxes and if it's a flat pack item one product can come in several boxes. If you learn that your order has a box missing or a part missing, please call us as soon as possible on 0141 – 374 - 2789 to speak to customer service giving full information of the missing articles and we will make sure the missing articles are delivered to you ASAP

What are your refunds and return policy?

There could be several different reasons for a customer to seek a refund or return an item.

Find below the most common reasons for cancellations and refunds:
1) Delivery delayed
2) Item out of stock
3) Item not appropriate
4) Not happy with the product quality
5) Not happy with service
6) Item not available

 AR Furnishings has a fair trading practice and would never hold back customer funds or refuse to accept a return inappropriately. We offer customer complete peace of mind and do not restrict customers to use their statutory rights.

(a) If you wish to cancel your order before the item is delivered to you, please call us right away on 0141 – 374 - 2789 and let us know of any reasons why you want to cancel. Once we receive this request, we will cancel your order.
(b) If you request a cancellation after the item is in stock and ready for delivery, please call us on 0141 – 374 - 2789. Once we receive this request, we will cancel your order. Your funds will be refunded to you as soon as possible following a cancellation.

 Please Note the following:

1) Items must be returned in its original or appropriate packaging; we may refuse to cancel pick up if the items are not adequately packed.
2) There will be no pick up charge if you are returning the goods due to Damage/Wrong/Incomplete delivery.

I have found an exact product some were else is cheaper than your website

AR Furnishings prices our product as competitively as possible although if beaten, we will do our best to price match our competitors. 

What should I do if I have complaints?

 If you are unhappy with any aspect of quality in service please email us at we will try our best to resolve the problem ASAP.

What should I do if I have to say about your Quality of service and company?

At AR Furnishings we thrive to improve our service every day and its very important for us for you to write a review for us to help us know how we are doing.

What is the best way i can contact you?

Contacting us is very easy and accessible for customers

For any assistance please give us call on 0141 – 374 – 2789

Monday-Saturday 9:30am to 5:00pm

Or you can email us at

Thank you for reading these FAQ's