Minsk 220cm Grey Marble Dining Table

£1,098.90 £1,258.95

The Minsk 220cm Grey Marble Dining Table has been expertly crafted from engineered marble, and displays beautiful grey-hued marbling effects all over its surface, which is enhanced by its high-gloss finish that adds flawless sheen as well as practical heat protection from hot dishes. The pedestal base with a V-shaped cut-out (measuring 90cm x 40cm x 70cm) lends this piece a sleek and contemporary silhouette.

Thanks to the generous 220cm surface area, this large grey marble effect dining table can seat up to 12 people, making it ideal for large parties or family gatherings.

Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks
Table Width 220cm
Table Height 76cm
Table Length 100cm

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